Thursday, May 13, 2010

Philly and (some of) its drivers.

Wow. So our trip to Philly went really well ...except for being on the road. We got there fine and we met up with our friend who is from the area and she drove us from KOP to Homegoods and IKEA, which, by the way, were AMAZING. I loveee Homegoods, I got two lamps, the bases are white lifeguard chairs with little red life rings and the shade is blue and white striped. Love, love, love. And at IKEA I got a really cute silver lantern you can put a tealight in and the holes on the top are star shaped. I love stars, btw. And the beach. Anyways...

So, here is my request. Dear people who drive in Philly in big tow trucks and semis, please watch out for us little people in cars WHO DON'T WANT TO GET SMASHED AND DIE. Kthx.

Back to my story. We went to KOP after this madness and it was great. We ate Coldstone Creamery ice cream *peanut butter passion something?, for those questioning =]* And we went to Build-A-Bear and I was going to build one and then we got distracted by Charlotte Russe. We also went to Pottery Barn. Oh. Em. Gee. I want everything in there, it's so pretty! Ha. We went across the road to Red Lobster for dinner. Buhhh those biscuits....

We ended up home around 9, which wasn't bad at all but I was exhausted.
Philly = success. Will not go back anytime soon. Heh.

On a different note, tonight Junior and I finally finished the favors and I am soooo happy. One more thing to cross off the ever-growing list. And tomorrow we have a senior lunch and our first alumni event at the President's house in the evening. ALUMNI. WHAT!?!? And then Saturday is Baccalaureate and Commencement practice in the morning and dinner with Junior's mom in the evening and then Sunday is the big day. Can I get a Halleluia!

One of these posts soon I will have to divulge how we met and all those giddy lovey-dovey things. One of these days....

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  1. Hooray for the big day! Congrats :) On a side note, I wish I could just live in IKEA.




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