Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, ARE crazy.

WELL. This weekend some friends and I went to Knoebels (amusement park) and we had a great time. It was really windy and log flumes on windy 50 degree weather is not a good idea, in case you were wondering. I stood in the bathroom under the dryer for a good 20 minutes, haha.

We moved Junior home yesterday and some of the shelving and desk and table went to my apartment ..yay! But, I do have to say it's nice to be home with him. This week is senior week at school, but of course, nothing really interesting is happening. Tomorrow night is the bar crawl, which should be interesting, haha. But, then Wednesday my friends and I are going to Philly for the day to KOP, Ikea, and Homegoods and I am soooo excited. More excited than a kid in a candy store, if that's possible.

Tonight we are going to be working on favors for the wedding *hopefully*, as long as Junior doesn't complain too much. =] I still have so much that needs done and the big day is two weeks from yesterday. EEEKKK.


  1. I'm glad you a great time at the amusement park! :) Yay for wedding stuff!!

  2. Hooray for wedding plans! And congrats :)

  3. Well hello to you too Missy! I LOVE Ikea. Not so much their furniture like it seems some people do... not that it's bad but not in love... but the store is AMAZING! I adore the kitchen section. I first stepped foot in one a couple years ago and it is now 3000 miles away. :(




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