Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello to all who have visited me this past weekend - it's been a long weekend and it will continue to be a long next 4 weeks, so I apologize if I don't get to visit all of your sites right away, but I def. will!

So, I'm still constantly applying for jobs, even if they are mundane and useless, it's money, right? Seeing as how this is my last official week as a college student. Lasts. What a bittersweet thought.

Friday I went with some of my girlfriends to their last sorority formal. It was a ton of fun, but I will definitely miss the dancing and craziness that always ensued. I also went to visit Junior this weekend and we had a good time shopping for some things for my apartment. I found super cute bamboo placemats with light blue ribbon around the outside and I also found wicker baskets that will be put into wooden cubes, care of my personal carpenter. Tee-hee. My excitement about storage and decorating nauseates Junior sometimes, but I just can't help myself. Ever hear of The Container Store? Now you did. =]

Well, for now, my friends and I are going to play Dutch Blitz for the evening. Instead of studying for finals. You know you all did it. Haha. Good night!


  1. Hi Kristen! I didn't think any one else plays Dutch Blitz anymore? I love it!

  2. "Hello there! I just read through some of your posts and I almost cried when I read your "My Military Wife Story" because that is EXACTLY what happened to me and my fiance. Every word, except mine will be graduating next Saturday. I can't wait to read more - thanks for sharing =]"

    Hey! Thanks for the comment! :)
    It's so nice to know that I am not the only one out there going through these things. Congrats on your fiance graduating! If you have any questions just let me know! :) I am following now!




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